Who is Eric Blair?

I'm just a guy who got sick of the 9-5 world and decided to do what makes me happy from this point forward. What makes me happy is staying home at my ranch all day, designing edged weapons, and grinding them for my customers. My primary interest is geared heavily towards kerambits but I'm doing other types of defensive blades as well, utilizing a wide variety of materials such as titanium, various steels, carbon fiber, and G10. All of my sheaths are made from either Concealex or Kydex.

I share the ranch with my wife, our three dogs (a Border Collie, a rescued Pitbull, and a rescued Greyhound), as well as a variety of ranch animals. Life in the SoCal mountains is great. :)

My other major hobby is also strongly knife related. I admin a custom knife / tactical forum known as www.usualsuspect.net . What's a Usual Suspect? It's a large group of like-minded friends who share the appreciation of all things tactical with one another within a forum atmosphere. There's not a finer bunch of people to be found anywhere on the internet.

Back to the grinder........

Eric Blair

January 3rd, 2003